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Nick for FoCo HQ Nick's family around the kitchen table working on school

As a parentpreneur, I know well the struggles that come with teaching your kids, running a business, or running a City Council campaign from your kitchen table turned classroom.

Without a strong support structure, it’s damn near impossible.

Our family has been learning and growing together during COVID, and we know the difficulties first-hand.

We’re lucky enough to have work, space, and tools, including Fort Collins Connexion internet, but so many families in District 1 are struggling with access to technology, having internet access fast enough to support work and school, and even just staying productive while working all at the same table.

Add in the stress of having a single car, trying to get your kiddos safely to school with all changing schedules, then get to work on time, and there’s a whole other mountain of stress to deal with.

It’s a huge equity issue and we can do better to holistically support the economic health of the small businesses and their employees in our community so that we can truly say that in Fort Collins, every neighbor has your back.

Parents: I hear you. I see you. I want to stand with you and speak with a unified voice while serving on Fort Collins City Council in District 1.

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