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About those bike lanes and trails in Fort Collins District 1…

Let’s talk about transportation infrastructure in Fort Collins District 1. Today Governor Polis shared this very cool idea and story:

“How Colorado’s Free E-Bike Program Fits Into Its Plan To Slow Climate Change” –

I truly wish something like this was feasible in Fort Collins, but no matter where you live in District 1, the infrastructure heavily favors cars – making alternatives unsafe.

This has SIGNIFICANT impacts on our health, economy, environment, safety, and equity. Ever bail on a trip to a store or restaurant because of a train or trying to find parking?

We CAN do better than the status quo.

Here’s a link to the current trails map for Fort Collins and a picture of how District 1 ties in (hint: it doesn’t; dashes are listed as “future” trails with a far-future completion date):

Here’s a link to the current bike map from FCBikes and a picture of all of District 1’s bike lanes (they’re in blue along roads; there’s more ink used for water than safe bike routes):

With no viable alternative to car travel, local businesses suffer, neighborhoods suffer, the most vulnerable neighbors suffer health effects, equity effects, and safety effects. The status quo in Fort Collins is too expensive, especially for District 1.

From Richards Lake to Drake, pedestrian and bike safety along increasingly busy thoroughfares is a major concern for all our neighbors. Just getting the kids to school is an exercise in risk mitigation, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

What quality of life do you want for your neighbors? Your answer informs your vote for City Council on April 6, especially in District 1.

We can do better. We must do better.

Getting safely to school, to work, to local businesses, and home again must be a priority area where we have our neighbors’ backs.

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