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Walking All of District 1 – A Creative Course Change is Coming

A creative course change is coming

This election offers an opportunity for a true creative course change for Fort Collins.

My team and I have been knocking on every door in District 1. Neighborhood after neighborhood, around 10 miles of walking each day, and around 236 MILES SO FAR to talk about the issues important to YOU.

Beyond reaffirming the value of good orthotics and quality footwear, I’ve had some truly wonderful conversations with neighbors.

The same issues come up time and time again. Throughout District 1, neighbors feel generally proud about our City, but see problems looming on the horizon:

These are solvable problems. We need new perspectives, creative thinking, and a collaborative spirit on the City Council. We need the ability to create and craft durable, cohesive policies that generate the best outcomes for all of our City’s service areas.

We can’t ignore that over half of District 1 has been largely ignored for years – that this “demographic shift” is nothing new as has been claimed, but rather has been both modeled and followed-through in City plans and ongoing development.

We’ve seen what the effects of unsupported development in our City:

The status quo is WAY too expensive for Fort Collins. We must flip the script on policies and processes that no longer serve us as a community to build a better future. We must insist on creativity and collaborative thinking to arrive at outside-of-the-box solutions. We should recognize the value of electing a small business owner who can help inform smart business policy.

A creative course change is coming. Let’s make the best of it, together!

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